The Spiral


The entrance is a hole in the ground where you decend down a spiraling staircase until it feels like you entered the underworld. The hole is some 6 meters wide and at the last turn the natural light disapears and is replaced by the red glow that emanates from the entrance below.

Inside is a maze of red velvet and satin textures covering the walls and hanging from the celing. Couches and large pillows furnishes the room and the sweet smell of Lotus is heavy in the air as the senses are assaulted by the spicy and sensual smells.

Inside you are met by a hostess that welcomes you and lead you to a table where you make your orders. The first part of this establishment is a quiet bar where you can get everything from amasec to opiates. But noone comes here for the drinks. It’s a brothel and a drug den, so if you want it you can probably have it. If you can pay that is.

When you pass the bar you enter what some call the red maze. This is here the real commerce takes place. There is rumours that people have gotten lost in the maze and never been found again.

The Spiral

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