“The Emperor is forever vigilant upon his golden throne. Let his presence be shown in every home; his intricate pattern tell us of a world only he holds the answer to.”
- Sidah, Arch confessor of His dying light

Since there were no idigenous people living there before the miners arrived the more traditional imperial faith is practiced here. But as will all local practices it’s colored by the myriad of people living there.

His dying light

This is the main cathedral in Ahmar and it is gothic in its design. But unlike other cathedrals found throuout the sector this is build lower instead of having towers that strives toward the heavens. Instead it has a more rounder shape build in sandstone colored bricks.

Around the large cathedral the offices of the church lies with it’s thousands of workers.

The name comes from the dusk like quality of the light here in Ahmar. Most days the rays of the sun fails to completely penetrate the red dusk leaving the city in a red and yellow glow as if say that the sun will die at any moment. But the faith tells you that even at dusk when the darkness is on you doorstep his ever present vigil stands; In truth and in light.


Ahmar - The red veil of Calixis Kevlin