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Welcome to Ahmar, the red veil of Calixis

“Why is it called the red veil? It’s the red dust that gathers on everything. It gives you a red filter to see the world through. It’s everywhere friend. Only when you rise above the streets and into the palaces overlooking the city will you see it more clearly. Or at least thats what I heard.”
- Ben Sahar, spice merchant at Steel market

A city divided

The chasm that runs through the whole canyon is around 6oo meters wide and separates the city into two distinctive parts. On the south side the merchants and the nobles reside and on the north side you have the workers and the slum. In the middle, creating both a bridge and a wall the Mechanicum and its industries lies.


Places of interest:

The steel market – This is an enormous marketplace right under the space port

Characters of interest:

Mordecai – He is the local inquisitorial contact for the players
Sidah – She is the Arch confessor of Ahmar and her voice can be heard throuout the city.

The customs of Ahmar:

The religion
The fashion


Main Page

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