Welcome to Ahmar, the red veil of Calixis.

“See anything you like councilor? Behind these veils you will find beautiful girls from all over the sector and they all want to please you. But first, let me tempt you with an exotic taste. It’s called the lotus and it will take you everywhere”
- Wardi Hamra, Owner of the Spiral

A mining colony founded long ago, it has grown into a full fledged city and is an important supplier of rare ore and minerals to the whole Markayn marches. It is founded around a chasm so deep it seems almost bottomless. And from it’s depths the imperium hauls it riches.

The moon itself is a red and stony desert mostly unhabitable but for the deep canyons on the northerns hemisphere. Here the constant and shifting storms diminishes leaving the area only in a red fog that lasts for a day or two before the storms move on.

This is a short campaign where a group of inquisitorial agents are sent to Ahmar without really knowing why and how they are caught in the storm that is brewing on the remote moon.

Ahmar - The red veil of Calixis

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